OK, so I figured out what buttons to click on to find the HTML to post the app results on this Blog, Check it out, it's pretty cool. I posted all three sizes just to see how they appeared on the site. It looks like the medium size will be the most effective. 

Find more Hike in Peninsula, OH

Find more Hike in Peninsula, OH

Find more Hike in Peninsula, OH
Well is seems all I can manage to post so far on this Blog site is the Google Map view.  I hiked the Salt Run Trail of the CVNP to test out The Map My Hike app.  This app Map is pretty awesome, showing elevation, location labels and 3d flyby views.  I am able to post that link on my HXF Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Longhornedbeetle.  It also has the capacity to take photos with my cell phone and post them on the trail map, a feature I really want for recording the location of any evidence of tree damage.  Check out the FB page and see if you can access all the features it offers.  

If you have any more info on how I can like the Map My Hike app directly to this Blog please let me know.  

At that time I was thinking of the trail building and maintenance I did with the American Hiking Society. The AHS has week long projects that give volunteers the opportunity to perform services at state and national parks.  I was thrilled to find out there is a national park in the Virgin Islands.  It's not so thrilling to be rebuilding trails in 90 degree heat and %80 humidity.  It was the week at Wildcat Mountain in Wisconsin though that made me want to sharpen up my chainsaw safety skills and the only class I could  find in the area that awarded certifications also required you to climb the trees you were pruning.  The experience was, in technical terms, "totally awesome". 
Volunteering - makes one feel alive. 

A beautiful day to volunteer in a National Park Today. 
Temp. in the 40s, and sunny.  The Cuyahoga Valley National Park has a well organised system of volunteer groups to maintain it's park and trails systems.  Today I went out with a new group for me, a trail maintenance bunch,  Six of us.  We hiked the  Horseshoe Pond/Tree Farm Trail, a 2 3/4 mile jaunt through sweet mixes of hard woods and evergreens.  The leaves are all off the deciduous trees but the forest floor was still quite thick with woody growth.  We hiked at a brisk pace, moving branches off the trail and cutting back the stray Multi-Flora rose thorns.  I started to regret wearing thermals under my slacks when we got to the tree farm and the sun was looking down on us.  Good planning for a hike though, prepared with plenty of water.   It was great to meet new volunteers and get a good aerobic workout.  

I've been involved in various park volunteer services.  These at CVNP are intended to familiarize me with the park system so I can plan and map my locations to explore and survey.