Volunteering - makes one feel alive. 

A beautiful day to volunteer in a National Park Today. 
Temp. in the 40s, and sunny.  The Cuyahoga Valley National Park has a well organised system of volunteer groups to maintain it's park and trails systems.  Today I went out with a new group for me, a trail maintenance bunch,  Six of us.  We hiked the  Horseshoe Pond/Tree Farm Trail, a 2 3/4 mile jaunt through sweet mixes of hard woods and evergreens.  The leaves are all off the deciduous trees but the forest floor was still quite thick with woody growth.  We hiked at a brisk pace, moving branches off the trail and cutting back the stray Multi-Flora rose thorns.  I started to regret wearing thermals under my slacks when we got to the tree farm and the sun was looking down on us.  Good planning for a hike though, prepared with plenty of water.   It was great to meet new volunteers and get a good aerobic workout.  

I've been involved in various park volunteer services.  These at CVNP are intended to familiarize me with the park system so I can plan and map my locations to explore and survey.  

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