I surveyed an area along the Multi-purpose trail of the Mill Stream Run area of the Cleveland Metro Parks.  Below is a "Map My Hike" GPS graphic of the area I observed. There was a noticeable amount of bug damage to trees in the area.  According to a staff member of Camp Cheerful along this path the park had already cut down several trees in that area due to bug damage. I could not identify the type of bug but I do not believe it was ALB as the holes were not large enough or round enough to be ALB.  It was also difficult because the damage was older and was pecked over by woodpeckers.  .  I took a half dozen photos but am still having difficulty saving and posting photos off my Droid.  This will be an area that I will revisit in the spring to try to observe the insect and identify it.  I will also try to contact the Metro Park to get it's reports of beetle infestations.  
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